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Taking good care of your bat will reward you on match day.


Every cricket bat needs to be 'played in' prior to game use.

All Fisher Bats are oiled, knocked in, boned and fitted with extratec facing before leaving the workshop. However, we recommend hitting catches and doing throw downs with old match balls before using your bat in a match environment. This process helps settle the face of the bat down and develops rebound and performance.

Nets practice is a good way to become familiar and confident with your bat while further preparing it for match day. The more old balls you hit, the more ready your bat (and you) will be for a match environment.


The most commonly damaged area of a bat is the toe (where the bat taps the ground). After using your bat for a while, check the toe. The toe of your bat should look greasy and sealed, not dry.

If the toe looks dry, apply raw linseed oil or a specialised bat oil with a small brush. Avoid using a cloth, as the oil tends to soak into the cloth rather than the toe of the bat.

It is fine to use a cloth to oil the face and other parts of the bat.


It is important to understand and accept that every cricket bat will accumulate wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Common signs include small cracks across the face, dints on the edges of the blade, and slight chipping of the toe.

While there is no way of preventing wear and tear, you can take steps to minimise it.

  • Ensure that your bat is properly knocked in and oiled before use
  • Store your bat in a cool, dry area
  • Check for signs of damage on a regular basis
  • Avoid using plastic and composite balls during practice
  • Treat your bat nicely - even when you go out cheaply!


Fisher Bats service our bats and others. For our own models, a service involves removing the stickers and extratec, sanding back the bat, tidying up the toe and gluing any surface cracks. We then re-sticker the bat and re-apply extratec.

Servicing can be done every 12 months, two years or whenever the bat shows signs of wear. Most importantly, it gives us a chance to assess and repair minor damage before it gets worse.

Services start at $70, plus grips and gluing work. You can bring your bat in at any time of the year for an obligation free assessment.